Miami Lakes Auto Injury Chiropractor

Suffering from injuries brought on by a car accident can be physically, emotionally, and mentally taxing. Your body has gone through a shocking experience, and you may be in need of rehabilitation. It’s important to consult a Miami Lakes accident chiropractor, who will be able to help you with your recovery. Our experienced, capable accident doctor, Dr. Dean Zusmer, DC- will examine your injuries, diagnose you, and be able to provide you with the corrective chiropractic treatments that will support the healing process.

Back Pain from Car Accidents

Some of the most common ailments caused by a car accident are back pain and whiplash (neck injuries). While your car most likely is able to withstand high speeds with minimum damage, whiplash can occur in sudden changes of speed of only 2.5 miles per hour. Other injuries you may face after a car accident include:

  • spinal injuries;

  • head injuries;

  • stiffness;

  • lower back pain;

  • tight muscles;

  • inflamed arthritis;

  • repeat injury;

  • poor posture;

  • joint injuries;

  • torn ligaments;

  • and more.

Visiting our chiropractors, who focuses on car accident injuries, will benefit you greatly in the long run. Even if your injuries aren’t obvious, you may have some slight symptoms that could indicate that your injury may be more severe than you believe. These symptoms include:

  • Blurred vision;

  • Slight neck pain/neck stiffness;

  • Dizziness;

  • Chronic headaches;

  • Arm pain;

  • Reduced range of motion;

  • Shoulder pain;

  • and more.

No matter the circumstances, seek chiropractic care immediately following your accident. In order to maintain optimal health, correct back alignment is crucial as the misaligned spine could affect other body systems. Major injuries may not take effect until months after your car accident. Catching damages as early as possible will make for a quicker recovery, an easier healing process, and negate any long-term detriments to your health.   

How can a chiropractor help after being injured in a car accident?

Chiropractors focus on the care of bones, nerves, connective tissues, and muscles. Car accidents often cause injuries to these extremities. Chiropractic treatments will help restore the body, relieve pain, increase mobility, and stop long-term damage from occurring. At, we have the premier Miami Lakes chiropractors on our team. Part of the chiropractic treatment is communication. Our Miami Lakes accident doctors will support your recovery, both physically and mentally. Understanding your body, the way it reacts to pain, and what treatments are needed to reach optimal health is what our car accident chiropractors in Miami Lakes are best at. 

How else can Miami Lakes Chiropractic Clinic Help?

Our Miami Lakes Chiropractors are extremely dedicated to their practice, and are up to date with all “state of the art” chiropractic treatments and techniques. not only offers treatment for car accident injuries, but we utilize and teach corrective exercises, provide helpful lifestyle advice, and use physiological therapeutic procedures to compliment and enhance your healing process. Likewise, we also provide services for:

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